Samsung TV Application SDK UX Guideline

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Samsung_TV_Application_SDK_UX_Guideline_1.0 – Version 1.0


1. Design Principles
– TV screen should not contain too much information.
– Accurate navigation for user operation
– Actions like Move, Return, Enter must be clear
– TV is using a restricted control method “Remote Control”
– Consistency of Button Operations (ex; Green: Sorting or Preference, Yellow: Check or Release
– Consistency of Screen Layout, must secure the area; title on the top, Navigation Help at the bottom
– To provide good feedback, focused status and selected status displays separately.
– When change the screen, bring a loading animation on screen

2. TV Remote Control Button Operations (America)

3. Application Layouts
– (Mandatory) Navigation Help area must be secured at the bottom of screen and popup
– (Mandatory) Names of icons for assigned functions must be shown.
– The rules of remote control

– Follow the order of Color > Playback > TOOLS > Directions > ENTER > RETURN
– Color buttons are displayed in order of RED (A) > GREEN (B) > TELLOW (C) > BLUE (D)

4. Policy on popup windows
– When a popup window is displayed, the background area becomes inactivated status
– Action Window: double function lists, GUI buttons such as “Yes/No”, “Confirm”, and Text message input area; it should have Title area and Navigation Help area, and displaying either of them is not allowed
– Message Box: to provide feedback about changes of user input or system status; Title and Navigation Help are not indicated; information area and GUI buttons like “Yes/No” or “Confirm”
– Mini Popup Window: it does not contain Title and Navigation Help; it should provide information or selections only.
– Screen Duration

5. Text Input
– A keypad is created when input field is located on screen and highlights are placed on that area.
– If need to use a keypad, keypad area should be considered in advance.

6. Icon Display





7. Navigation Help

8. Font Application Rules

9. Creating Icons

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  1. How can we set a custom icon for an application instead of that icon with the question mark on it and that red band of “user” ?

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