How to mount Bootcamp drive

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How to mount Bootcamp drive

I opened Disk Utility and found that Bootcamp partition is not able to mount.
And when I try to mount, Disk Utility kept saying:

Mount failed
The disk “BOOTCAMP” could not be mounted.

Try running First Aid on the disk and then retry mounting.

Don’t believe ntfs-3g, MacFuse, and so on.

All you need to do is executing below command from Terminal
1. Open “Terminal” app
2. Execute below commands
[code]# cd /Volumes
# mkdir /Volumes/Bootcamp
# sudo mount_ntfs /dev/disk0s3 /Volumes/Bootcamp[/code]



I still had a problem to mount Bootcamp partition. If I reboot it, it won’t remain as mounted.
So I tried a software called PARAGON NTFS For OS X and boom. it works immediately.
If you are wondering whether your problem will be solved by installing this software, try 10 days version and buy it!
It costs only $19.95!

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  1. No need for buying something to do that.
    Just add your mount command at the end of the textfile /etc/rc.local

    every command in this file will be executed on startup.

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