MainWindow.xib absence in Xcode 4.2 beta 4 with iOS 5 SDK

“FYI, I am very newbie in iPhone development.”

I had upgraded Xcode to 4.2 beta 4 and realised that there is no more templates for iOS 4.
Obviously, it did not include iOS 4 SDK because it said “with iOS 5 SDK”, duh!
I could not go back to Xcode beta 3 since I upgraded my iPhone to beta 4 as well.


In the tutorial that I am learning at the moment, it requires “Window-based application”.
Xcode 4.2 beta 4 does not have “window-based application”; so, I created a project with “Empty application”.
Unfortunately, “Empty application” has no longer “MainWindow.xib”, which tutorial teacher said to modify something in it.
So, I googled to make “MainWindow.xib” visible and found this article.

“MainWindow.xib” posted by Jeroen Trappers

What he said is that “MainWindow.xib” is not included by default in templates. He suggested to create “MainWindow.xib” manually as below:
(FYI, this instruction is only for me. It is better to go to original article and follow.)

1. Create new project in Xcode 4.2 beta and choose “Empty Application” template
2. Add “New File” to the project by choosing “iOS -> User Interface -> Empty”
3. Choose “iPhone” and name “MainWindow” (.xib will be added automatically)

4. Open “MainWindow.xib” in project navigator
5. Click “File’s Owner” in “Placeholders”
Change Class as “UIApplication” in “Identity Inspector”
6. Drag “Object” in the library into “Objects” panel on the left
7. Change the class of the Object as your delegate class, such as “DemoAppDelegate”
(The name of object will be automatically change like “Demo App Delegate”)
8. Drag “Window” in the library into “Objects” panel on the left

9. Open “DemoAppDelegate.h” in project navigator
10. Find below code

11. Change as below:

11. Open “MainWindow.xib” in project navigator
12. Click “File’s Owner” in “Placeholders”
13. Control-Drag “delegate” of “Outlets” in “Connections Inspector” to “Demo App Delegate” in “Objects”
14. Click “Demo App Delgate” in “Objects”
15. Control-Drage “window” of “Outlets” in “Connections Inspector” to “Window” in “Objects”

16. Open “Summary” of your project
17. Find “iPhone / iPod Deployment Info”
18. Change “Main Interface” as “MainWindow”

19. Open “DemoAppDelegate.m” in project navigator
20. Find below code

21. Change as below


—- Finish —–

[Added 2011/07/25]

I am following Bucky’s iPhone development tutorials:

And here is sample code of this tutorial developed on Xcode 4.2 beta 4 with iOS 5 SDK.