Image Optimisation Service

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This is a practice project. The project contains Node.js API that optimise images – jpg, png, svg, and gif.

  • Node.js, Express, Webpack, Imagemin


Post local image to optimise

$ curl -v -X POST -F "image=@sample1.jpg" -o sample1-output.jpg

Pass remote image URL to optimise

$ curl -v -X POST "url=" -o sample1-url-output.jpg

How to start in your local environment

$ docker-compose up -d

Once docker containers are up, then you can access services with below URL.



API docker container will be launched as development mode with nodemon. However, it won’t detect any changes unless uncomment volumes.

To enable live change for the API, simply uncomment following lines in docker-compose.yml

    - ./:/srv

Please make sure you run npm install.


  • POST /image
    • Fields:
      • image: image file
      • url: remote image URL

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