Binance Auto Trading Bot – Buy low/Sell high with stop loss limit/Trade multiple coins

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This is a test project. I am just testing my code. I cannot guarantee whether you can make money or not.

So use it at your own risk! I have no responsibility for any loss or hardship incurred directly or indirectly by using this code.

How it works


This method is buying at lowest price without any indicator, never sell under purchase price. And chase rising money. Stop chaser methodology was the idea from @d0x2f. I have found MACD indicators often mislead buying signal. In box pattern market, buy signal with lowest price is effective than using MACD indicators.


  • This method is only tested and working with USDT pair in the FIAT market such as BTCUSDT, ETHUSDT.
  • This method can monitor multiple symbols.


  1. Get next symbol
  2. Detect buy signal
    • Get lowest closed price with period
    • If current closed price is lower than lowest closed price, then buy NOW.
      • It will only purchase maximum purchase amount or less.
      • It will not purchase if base asset, such as BTC, has enough balance to place stop loss limit order.
    • If current closed price is higher than lowest closed price, then do not buy.
  3. Chase Stop-Loss-Limit order
    • If there is no open order but have coins that bought by the buy signal, then check
      • Get last purchase price
      • If current closed price is higher than minimum profit percentage * last purchase price, then place Stop-Loss-Limit order.
      • Otherwise, do not place Stop-Loss-Limit order.
    • If there is an open Stop-Loss-Limit order, then check current closed price.
      • If current closed price is higher than stop price, then cancel the open order. So it can be place new Stop-Loss-Limit order.

Environment Parameters

Use environment parameter to adjust parameters. Checkout /config/custom-environment-variables.json

How to use

  1. Create .env file based on .env.dist.
  2. Check docker-compose.yml for BINANCE_MODE environment parameter
  3. Launch docker composedocker-compose up -dor using latest build imagedocker-compose -f docker-compose.server.yml up -d
  1. Open browser to see frontend statistics

Frontend + WebSocket

React.js based frontend communicating via Web Socket

  • List monitoring coins with buy/sell signals
  • Manage settings
Frontend MobileSetting
Frontend Desktop


First trade

ChartOrder History

Last 30 days trade

Trade HistoryPNL Analysis


  • [x]  Support multiple symbols
  • [x] Removed unused methods – Bollinger Bands, MACD Stop Chaser
  • [x] Support maximum purchase amount per symbol
  • [x] Develop backend to send cache values for frontend
  • [x] Develop simple frontend to see statistics

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