Binance Auto Trading Bot

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This is a test project. I am not using for trade. So use with your own risk.

By the way, I tested, you won’t make a money with this bot…

How it works


The concept of MACD-Stop-Chaser is simple. Buy at low price, never sell under purchase price. Chase rising money. Stop chaser methodology was the idea from @d0x2f

  1. Detect buy signal
    • Get previous MACD trend (Rising/Falling or Unknown)
    • Get last two MACD trend (All rising or all falling)
    • If previous MACD trend is falling and last two MACD trend is all rising, then check
      • If current closed price is higher than lowest price within 24 hours, then do not buy.
      • If current closed price is lower or similar than lowest price within 24 hours, then buy NOW.
  2. Chase Stop-Loss-Limit order
    • If there is no open order but have coins that bought by the buy signal, then check
      • Get last purchase price
      • If current closed price is higher than minimum profit percentage * last purchase price, then place Stop-Loss-Limit order.
      • Otherwise, do not place Stop-Loss-Limit order.
    • If there is an open Stop-Loss-Limit order, then check current closed price.
      • If current closed price is higher than stop price, then cancel the open order. So it can be place new Stop-Loss-Limit order.

How to use

  1. Create .env file based on .env.dist.
  2. Check docker-compose.yml for BINANCE_MODE environment parameter
  3. Launch docker composedocker-compose up -dor using latest build imagedocker-compose -f docker-compose.server.yml up -d

Environment Parameters

Use environment parameter to adjust parameters. Checkout /config/custom-environment-variables.json

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