React Native Boilerplate

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A React Native boilerplate using React Native, React Navigation, React Redux Toolkit, React Native Bootsplash, React Native Onboarding Swiper, Redux Persist, Formik, Yup, Lottie, Axios

This is a React Native boilerplate project.

The project is using Node.js REST API that I developed as the boilerplate. You can find the Node.js REST API boilerplate project in here.

The REST API is currently hosted in




  • Nested React Native navigations: Drawer + Tab + Stack navigations
  • Automated CI/Release package files with Gitlab CI/Github CI
  • Unit test 100% coverage
  • JWT authentication flow with auto refresh
  • Branch/Commit naming conventions
  • Form validation with Yup and Formik
  • User flows: Register/Login/Forgot Password/My Account/Todo/Settings/Simple pages

How to run in your local


How to rename the project to use for your project

You can use react-native-rename to start your own project!

# Clone the repository
$ git clone

# Rename project
$ npx react-native-rename "Travel App" -b com.junedomingo.travelapp

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